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fun little interview about us…


isabella emmack

where to begin on the success of our darling bella…

check her out at on for the full story on her year

we are beyond proud mamas

here are some highlights…12279082_1204436396252127_5624891584735467448_n 12289550_1203799589649141_462836548529037550_n 12310429_1203799666315800_2634841684274940585_n 12119099_1175993115763122_3668563229468367151_n 12140737_1189674224395011_436087447526215211_n 11846753_1139380229424411_4930484703164596606_n 12003913_1165653326797101_8858784699982789839_n 12037997_1166872980008469_4772580005929961507_n 12208251_1192755344086899_2431383401143064658_n 12039726_1172909202738180_1338469001038668199_n 12115536_1175993019096465_6352684832845988764_n 11831743_1145560442139723_2977913520531610503_n 11390241_1101853569843744_4876599737261538168_n

FW2015 continued…

Isabella walked Semi Exclusives for Balenciaga and Saint Laurent in Paris…

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.27.47 PM 1517069_1406656909643321_1824685_n 11018562_343772065826708_1848709389_n



In Milan she walked for Fendi, Iceberg, MSGM and Trussardi.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.43.11 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.36.02 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.32.55 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.32.49 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.22.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.49.57 AM  10963856_760527407401531_445226634_n 11049248_1379990762318879_322807451_n

NYFW Fall 2015

Another NYFW has come to an end…  Our lovely runway veterans Kat and Janie did several shows and Our Isabella had her runway debut stepping out for Alexander Wang in her first appearance of the week!  See highlights below – XO

10963941_345188822353617_2107979681_nScreen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.44.44 PM

Isabella for Alexander Wang

10957348_843870492343937_1881619857_n 10860029_802426719851218_41864749_n

Kat for Venexiana

11008108_781999881891809_1600330127_n 1538379_1533913326896158_1750929402_n

Janie for Yuna Yang

10986325_746451728795616_1814251775_n 11007955_520064534802015_2001626110_n

Bella for Vera Wang


Janie for Emmerich NY

10948942_1560990860844876_453834024_n 10986095_1614093035479576_617758276_n

Kat for Nina Anthanasiou

10983608_771391116283908_1360942121_nBella for The Row

10991157_1033864696642632_462661412680730389_n 10850122_1033864743309294_4291997052584585702_n Janie for Leanne Marshall

11008254_895179480513734_1875119048_n-1Bella for Oscar de la Renta

10932625_642663339178957_325771859_n 10979558_450734015073655_1555214928_n

Janie for Katty Xiomara

The Rise of Hannah Grace

It has been so rewarding to create such a beautiful career path for Hannah.

We have helped her grow from a local unknown to an international success story.  The first agency we signed her with was Ford in Phoenix… Next we developed her book in Greece, these are a few of her first international shots, so lovely…

Since then we have launched her in Tokyo, Osaka, Cape Town, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, Canada and Paris!

12Hanna 06Hanna 217Hanna19Hanna

Here are some of the highlights of the success she has seen as a result of our hard work and hers!

104 1385886_10202211629803200_1028911442_n

1932207_10152348472826340_106289747_n 10177357_10203595955290472_5954735772980712676_n 20121031115940_00001 20121031115940_00002 20121112151003_00002 20121129115658_00001 chanel fashion story 1 Elle August 2013_0001 Gloss-1 Gloss-40 Her World Sept 2013 (1) Harper Bazaar Aug 2013 (1)10410648_10205051696163084_4215349379784161225_n 1908449_10205051694323038_7343992499204583630_nPARIS CAPITALE 001 PARIS CAPITALE 007 PARIS CAPITALE 011 Style July 2013_0001 tokyo 00007 VOTRE BEAUTE 001 VOTRE BEAUTE 0029988_000-11-15-2013-532802 9988_000-11-15-2013-532805 9988_000-2-26-2014-5856751618577_10203140208417085_1621797928_n 1780781_10203140212337183_173464629_n 1922131_10203140207617065_501674606_n 1239707_10201721363546850_318245394_n 995191_10201721359306744_1628603855_n 1236613_10201721358386721_1124330624_n 994804_10201234011763360_38149047_n 7797_10201234007363250_397275231_n 8438_10201234015923464_463928372_n 993949_10201474967707108_99272314_n 935845_10201474896465327_1723652404_n 1074970_10201474889425151_839822232_o  PARIS CAPITALE 002PARIS CAPITALE 003PARIS CAPITALE 005PARIS CAPITALE 009PARIS CAPITALE 004PARIS CAPITALE 0081236297_10201746373172075_1130968656_n20121031115940_000049988_71826-76747-11-15-2013-5540219988_70384-76749-11-1-2013-554009


The Kenze Files

Cute Kenze has been in China and Hong Kong for the past 8+months – so many fun shoots… So Proud!  Excited to see you Stateside Soon! XX

image_3 IMG_0482 (2)image_2GW0A2121 (2)10410384_10202635544392858_1409398291154449799_nimage-3image_1

backstage for Calvin Klein Platinum

kenze - calvin klein platinum837514_n

image image_4630132_n



AZMM at New York Fashion Week SS15

We had so much fun at Fashion Week – Proud Model Mama’s!



Janie is walking in the Project Runway Finale Show NYC This Friday!

We recently placed our sweet Janie with APM Models in NYC.

They have booked her in the Project Runway Finale show this Friday.

So proud to have her in the show and excited to see her on the runway!

Giant Hugs to you Janie!

IMG_0503Janie IMG_9170IMG_0143Janie Yellow (11 of 12)web

some lovelies that got their start with melissa and wendy…


kaylee defer – kaylee went to nyc with us and as a result signed in LA with her first agent… she has appeared in films and on tv in series such as “Gossip Girl”



sofia vassilieva- we signed sofia in LA when she was 5.  She is an absolute treasure and we got to be on set when she filmed her first “Eloise” film with Julie Andrews.  Sofia was a series regular on the show Medium and starred in “My Sister’s Keeper” with Cameron Diaz.  She is currently attending university in NYC.


cassandra smith- we started cass in the business and placed her in several US markets before sending her to Milan… she continues to travel throughout the world modeling and we are so proud when we see her in magazines and other media.


bethany kirkpatrick – bethany has been living and working in Paris with Major Models for the past 4+ years – you can view the link to her book on their website  – she continues to walk in Paris Haute Couture week each season with major designers.



Congrats to our Beauty Erika M. just placed with The Agency Arizona!


(photos by Smile It’s Jackie)


We have been working as mother agent with Erika for the past 2 years she is incredibly hard working and so dedicated to her modeling career.  Erika is already placed with NEXT Models in Los Angeles and we anticipate a busy year with lots of success!

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Being agency owners, scouts, consultants, mother agents in some way or form connected to the modeling and talent industries for fifteen plus years, makes us experts in what makes a model or talent successful. We believe there is an art to doing it right. Marketing, networking, attitude and dedication play a large role in understanding the global industry. There are no shortcuts. We are here to be your support system, find the perfect agencies for you, build a lasting career. We take an individual approach and look at each person, their circumstances and what they want out of the industry before deciding how to market you. It's a big world out there and it is important to have the right guidance to help you get where you want to go.

Wendy Buono is devoted to helping models know what it really takes to make it in a highly competitive global modeling environment.

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